March 29, 2006

I have updated the sidebar. Links are now under two categories: Links, being non-blog links, and Blogroll, only blogs there. Please enjoy!



March 27, 2006

Been very busy. Will post TEN and WIN if get time.

No news today

March 26, 2006

No useful post today. Expect a new TEN and WIN site soon, though.

Another Southern Cross Mock

March 25, 2006

SC Phone
> Click image to view

SC Cross 2
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It’s taken a while to log in (don’t get me started) but now I can post these mocks. Hopefully a video mock soon.

Mocks: How I post them

March 24, 2006

I will post my mocks to various sources via this guide:

  1. Original mocks go to my DeviantArt Account (eg No Nine Elements, no Ten Elements, etc. etc.)
  2. Some mocks will go to MediaSpy
  3. Some mocks will go to here.

I’ll also comment on TV things and web videos soon, too.

Southern Cross Mocks

March 24, 2006

SC Bar
> Click image to view

SC Cross
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SC News Set
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I thought a redo of the Southern Cross GTS/BKN news sets were in order. So, I did some mocks of it. Coming soon: A WIN site! (and more of these, and a page for each image maybe.)
Also, It’s the weekend! Yay!

Xbox 360: What’s the hype?

March 24, 2006

XBOX 360So I ended up going down to the shops, but couldn’t see what all the fuss was about with the Xbox 360. The graphics are slightly better, but besides that I think it’s no different. Well, I’ll have to wait a few months for the PS3 to come out.